If you’ve arrived at this web page then you are probably one of an increasing number of people that are starting to question what we have been taught, or deceived into believing, since birth. We are living at the moment in history when so many ‘conspiracies’ are now proving to be true. This website is dedicated to exposing the biggest ‘conspiracy’ of all. This single deception, of gigantic proportions and implications, is the glue that holds all the other fundamental lies together. Arguably, anybody that allocates time and thought to research the truth about the world in which they live, and learn to trust their senses once again, will sooner or later come to the same conclusion that we do not live on a spinning ball-earth. At this present time, only a small percentage of humanity manages to overcome a lifetime of conditioning to understand the truth about the flat, stationary realm called Earth. If you achieve this status of discerning the truth, this is worth far more than any material wealth can ever offer.


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We have been lied to and deceived for hundreds of years. The lies and deception are still with us and people continue to fall for it. Why would people believe that the world is a spinning globe? Because the lies have been perpetuated over years and years – globes in schools – pictures taken from space and the moon (!)
Elvina Parker
January 8th, 2023

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