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Does the ground feel like it’s spinning at 1,000mph and can you sense the Earth’s 500,000mph rotation around the Milky Way Galaxy?

Why is it that the heat from the Sun, after travelling 93,000,000 miles through a cold cosmos, is so much hotter in Spain compared to just 1,000 miles away in the UK?

Why don’t engineers account for the curvature of the Earth when designing railways, bridges and canals?

Why do all ships navigate by Plane Sailing and why do airplanes never fly over Antarctica?

Have you ever wondered why the same stars that appear in the night sky are in the same relative position as the day you were born? Why will this be unchanged the day you die?

Are you capable of overcoming your own cognitive dissonance to discover the truth about the world in which you live?

Are you open-minded enough to read: ‘A BOOK THAT MAY CHANGE YOUR WORLD’?

2 reviews for A BOOK THAT MAY CHANGE YOUR WORLD (ebook)

  1. Elvina Parker

    We have been lied to and deceived for hundreds of years. The lies and deception are still with us and people continue to fall for it. Why would people believe that the world is a spinning globe? Because the lies have been perpetuated over years and years – globes in schools – pictures taken from space and the moon (!) It is the easiest thing in the world to deceive people and we have seen that over the past 3 years with the Covid hoax. This book needs to be read by everyone. It is incredibly well researched and the further you get into it the more it all makes total sense and the idea that we are on a spinning globe 65 million miles from the sun becomes more ridiculous! An absolute must read! I couldn’t put it down!

  2. Vince De Rosa

    Another great book by Deano, a must read for anyone wanting to discover the truth about where we live, have to confess though had to read some of it twice in order to get some clarity .I have always thought the Earth was most probably flat but never did any research, this book answered so many questions even the one buzzing around in my head after the first few pages namely why? why lie to us all these years, the answer was so simple really. control! So yes a great introduction to anyone looking to understand more about our flat Earth , Great job Deano.

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