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Does the ground feel like it’s spinning at 1,000mph and can you sense the Earth’s 500,000mph rotation around the Milky Way Galaxy?

Why is it that the heat from the Sun, after travelling 93,000,000 miles through a cold cosmos, is so much hotter in Spain compared to just 1,000 miles away in the UK?

Why don’t engineers account for the curvature of the Earth when designing railways, bridges and canals?

Why do all ships navigate by Plane Sailing and why do airplanes never fly over Antarctica?

Have you ever wondered why the same stars that appear in the night sky are in the same relative position as the day you were born? Why will this be unchanged the day you die?

Are you capable of overcoming your own cognitive dissonance to discover the truth about the world in which you live?

Are you open-minded enough to read: ‘A BOOK THAT MAY CHANGE YOUR WORLD’?

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  1. R. Mellor, Marbella, Spain

    The chapters slowly build up the argument that we live in a realm and not on a spinning ball, by first looking at the history of flat earth and the rules of perspective. Everyone assumes we are on a globe because ships disappearing over the horizon some how proves this. We don’t see any curvature because we are already on a flat plane or realm, and the perfectly flat horizon we see proves this. The law of perspective is the sole reason we see ships disappearing over the horizon.

    In some ways, flat earth is a huge pill to swallow and it took me 3 or 4 years to really come to terms with the lie. Most truthers start by looking at 911, the moon landings, NASA, secret societies, and the various organisations that really shape our world before reluctantly moving on to flat earth.

    It would be so much easier, for someone new to this area, to start with the flat earth topic by reading this book first because the notion of a flat earth cements all other conspiracies into one. This book single handily rips apart the heliocentric model and then exposes the real power structure behind this lie.

    An excellent book and an easy read for such a complicated subject with lots of irrefutable facts!

  2. Rachel

    A must read if you have any inclination that you have been lied to by those in charge! I didn’t think it mattered whether the world was a flat plain or spinning globe but once I’d read this book i realised it confirmed all the other deceipts and lies we have been tolld from our beginnings. Once you open your eyes to this lie everything else falls into place and you realise the true illusion we are living…I would recommend anyone to have a read and am positive you will take something quite valuable from it.

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